Rift Valley Lakes

The Great Rift Valley of Africa extends from the Middle East to the country of Mozambique. This deep fissure in the Earth’s crust has created an incredible environment of beautiful lakes and grasslands in Ethiopia. These include the Lakes,Langano, Ziway, Abiata, Shalla, Awash, Awassa, Abaya and Chamo. The largest and most significant of these lakes are Lake Abaya and Lake Chamo,located in Beautiful Arba Minch, which means forty springs in the Amharic language. Lake Abaya and Lake Chamo are home to many species of birds and aquatic life, including huge crocodiles, hippopotamus, nile perch, fish eagle, kingfisher, stork, pelican and much more. Also in the area you can see monkey, baboon, warthogs and snakes.