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Gondar was the site of Ethiopia’s Capital City from the years 1666 to 1864. In 1635, Emperor Fasilidas built a historic castle complex. Also, there are many magnificently painted churches in the area as well such as Debre Berhane Selassie. Gondar is the site of the annual Timkat holiday where thousands of Ethiopian Orthodox Christians […]

Bahir Dar

Bahir Dar is a beautiful city in the Province of Gojjam. It lies on the shore of Ethiopia’s largest body of water, Lake Tana. Lake Tana is the home to 37 islands and 20 monasteries of rich historical significance. It is told that on one of the islands, the Ark of the Covenant was held […]


Located in the Eastern side of Ethiopia, Harar is one of the most holy sites for Islam in the country. Within the city. there are 90 mosques in operation. Harar was built in the 12th century and in 1520 was captured by the Muslim Warrior, Ahmed Gragn. He used it as a base to attack […]

Rift Valley Lakes

The Great Rift Valley of Africa extends from the Middle East to the country of Mozambique. This deep fissure in the Earth’s crust has created an incredible environment of beautiful lakes and grasslands in Ethiopia. These include the Lakes,Langano, Ziway, Abiata, Shalla, Awash, Awassa, Abaya and Chamo. The largest and most significant of these lakes […]

Omo Valley

The Omo Valley which lies in the southwest of Ethiopia is home to the most diversity of the country’s remote tribes and Ethnic groups. Over 50% of the tribes live here. Among these are the Karo, Hamer,Mursi, Surma, Geleb, and many more. These tribes have lived in almost complete isolation for many years. They all […]

Awash National Park

Awash lies 211km east of Addis Ababa and is a beautiful deserve for many species of animals and birds. The Awash River flows by the park which includes semi-arid woodland, savannah, and a dormant volcano called Fantalle. There are also numerous hot springs in the area. Over 400 bird species make their homes here.


Axum is truly a legendary and historic town. Besides being the foundation of Ethiopian civilization, It is a site of many ruins of magnificent palaces, obelisks carved from solid granite and underground tombs of past kings and emperors. The Obelisks or Stelae that wereconstructed here are known throughout the world Axum is also the home […]


Lalibela is one of Ethiopia’s most historic sites. 13 amazing rock-hewn churches were carved here in the end of the eleventh century during the reign of King Lalibela. There are many legends told about King Lalibela and his construction of the churches. Some say that he was poisoned by his brother and   during the […]